One of my biggest difficulties in living alone is doing the domestic renovations in my house, I usually call a company specialized in the renovation area, but as I needed to change the floor in my house, I learned that it was not so difficult to change the floor myself.My question involving this would be whether I chose laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. So I decided to search and found a site that solved all my doubts which was the site: The site completely resolved my doubts about which floor to choose but before saying which floor I chose and which one is the best, in my opinion, I will summarize in a few words the subject for the public who have the doubts I had. The main difference between laminate and vinyl flooring is the appearance, while vinyl flooring has an appearance that almost perfectly mimics wood, laminate has a great ability to combine with stone, wood, or ceramic installations. This question is more subjective and is at the customer’s discretion.A very relevant factor that shows the main difference between vinyl and laminate flooring is waterproofing, while vinyl is waterproof while laminate flooring is not recommended in wet areas or areas that receive a large amount of water. In this, vinyl has the advantage.The ease of installation of both is very easy and there is not much difference between them.Both are very resistant but the fact that vinyl flooring is water-resistant makes it more resistant than laminate flooring, so it brings another advantage to vinyl flooring.Laminate flooring is a little cheaper as it is a little cheaper to maintain but the difference to vinyl flooring is little, and the two floors are cheaper than wood flooring. Considering all these factors, vinyl flooring was my choice because I will be in a damp area and close to a garden, so laminate flooring can give me some problems but laminate is still a great choice for anyone in dry environments.

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