For many teenagers prom night is an occasion that will be remembered for many years to come. Although there are many fantastic prom gowns available, they can vary greatly in price. Choosing a prom gown is very important to the attendee, of course she wants a top of the line, celebrity, custom made, and designer dress, but most families have to work within a certain price range. Fortunately there are many beautiful prom gowns that are affordable too.

Dress for a summer event

What could be more fun than a party with your best friends from high school at the end of the year when flowers are in bloom and the weather is warm? Take advantage of early summer weather by opting for a Short Chiffon Dress with cool spaghetti straps. Summer dresses are tasteful and very pretty; they are cut from less material than a full length gown, and often cost less.

Better Shop Around

Shopping online can be a gift unto itself. Online stores tend to have a wider variety and many do not need to consider overheads normal shops deal with, and they can pass these savings onto their customers. This is one way to find a dress that is low cost and wont dent the budget. Shopping online can also save a lot of running around during your free time. You are almost assured that you will find what you are looking for because of the variety of styles available and the amount of online stores on the internet. You may even be able to find some online distributors in your own town which will cut down the costs of postage and packaging. Picking your prom gown up personally may even be a possibility, depending upon where you live.

Many people worry about purchasing a gown online, but most dresses can be sent back for alterations. Sizes are very well documented. It really is not much different to buying one ?off the peg? in a local store.

Look for wedding dress sites as well. These sites often have discounts as well as great sales on their dress lines and you will be able to find a dress that is suited to your style, color choice as well as your budget. Stores that do not specialize in prom gowns can carry styles that nobody else has and the price of the dress doesn?t escalate because of what the dress is intended for. These dresses can be quite stunning on prom night; they do not necessarily have to be purchased from a prom gown site.

If you know how to sew, or know someone who does, this is a great way of getting a unique dress modeled after the latest fashion for a fraction of the price. It is as easy as browsing and selecting a prom gown pattern that is in keeping with high end, designer fashion, or design your own in the exact color and fabric you want. You can have a gown which is one of a kind, made to fit you like glove.

You may also consider hiring a dress for the night, or you may consider buying one second hand either through classified ads or online auctions as well as shops which specialize in this. Buying this way can give you the benefit of designer labels at a fraction of their original price and you may even find one that has never been worn.

Consider your budget

Keep in mind that your prom gown is not the only item you need to spend money on, there are other items like shoes, a matching purse and costume jewelry which can help you complete your look. Getting your hair done on the day of the event as well as your make-up are other necessities that should be taken into consideration when budgeting prom night. Keep in mind that your accessories can cost as much, even more, than your prom gown. Set a budget for the prom and try not to exceed that amount, and be sure to take into account all the items that you need to pay for.

If possible, start saving a few months before the event, or even shop around early and buy your prom dress so that you get a foot in the door before prices escalate, this can be a reasonable way to save money. Don?t be worried that your dress will be out of date. Dress styles do not generally change in the space of a few short months, and even if you buy your gown six months in advance from a store which sells them year round, your gown will still be spectacular on the night

Give yourself enough time to find a dress and you should find one that will be as memorable as the evening itself. It is also a good idea to give yourself six months of prior savings so that you will have enough to cover all your expenses comfortably with as little stress as possible. Arriving at the prom in a gown that you love and fell comfortable in will help you enjoy the night to the greatest extent.