It is a new year and a time to start fresh and make those New Year’s resolutions stick. If you are like many, one of your resolutions is to get back into shape. By the time spring comes, this resolution will have changed into “getting in shape for swimsuit season. This Betsey Johnson has made things a bit easier (or maybe harder) by already revealing their new lines of women’s swimsuit for the 2010 season and much of what they have to offer is quite stunning and some of it not so much.
The Good
When Betsey Johnson makes something that works, it usually is great. The same is for their Leopard-print Wrap bikini from the swimwear line. When you first see it, you may think that it is a halter top bikinis. However it is an intriguing wrap that starts in the back, wraps around the front, and ties behind the neck. Unlike other bikinis of a similar design, it does not appear that the person is getting a wedgie. The effect is sleek and sexy and wearers are certain to have a lot of fun with it.
The Weird
The first is the Red Carter Slashed one-piece. This one is not necessarily as sexy as the others but the it is an eye catcher and sure to be talked about, even just to comment on how bizarre it looks. This suit is a normal on one-piece swimsuit with one strap instead of two. That is not abnormal. What makes it a head turner is is that it features “slashes” across the front and sides, all the way up to the shoulder. The designers may have been aiming for “cute” by making it semi revealing, but in the end it looks like the wearer was mauled by a large cat.
Sounded Better at the time?
A quick survey of the new Betsey Johnson swimwear, one sees numerous interesting designs. One of these, in the category of Little Black Swimsuits, is the Topless Bikini. Yes, the the Topless bikini and not the topless bikini model. What is intriguing about this swimsuit, in addition to its design, why they thought that it was necessary or would sell. After all going topless while at the beach is nothing new. If they had made something that was cute, they could have gotten away with it, but no. The swimsuit features a cute bottom with a section of fabric in the front that starts out wide and tapers into two cords that tie at the neck. It would not be so bad if it did not look like the person was getting a front wedgie or wearing an odd diaper. Neither of these are sexy. Ironically enough, the topless bikini comes with a removable bandeau top.

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