Ask any woman and you will perhaps get an idea how close to the heart of a woman is lingerie. Lingerie can go a long way in boosting the sex life of a woman. And why only women? Men to have their own reasons for fascination towards exotic looking lingerie. Any man would admit of the difference that the mere sight of their women dressed in seductive looking lingerie makes. Just that sight can be tantamount to a good deal of foreplay. Therefore, it pays well to have some fair idea about the wholesale lingerie. So, what is a wholesale lingerie? Let us know about it.

The wholesale lingerie is nothing different from any regular lingerie. What differentiates the wholesale lingerie from others is the price at which it comes. What the lingerie wholesaler does is tag the lingerie items with prices much lower than the other similar kinds of lingerie. The discount that the lingerie wholesaler offers may vary greatly ? it can be a very small discount or the discount may also, at times, be quite large. A number of factors decide whether the wholesale lingerie will bear a big discount. For instance, material of the lingerie, the store size, or the lingerie wholesaler decide what amount of discount will be offered. The wholesale lingerie may include several items that include garter belts, brassiere, camisoles, gowns, panties, and so on.

Your selection of the wholesale lingerie also often depends on the kind of lingerie boutique you visit. One of the good things about the idea of wholesale lingerie is that you get a set of items that you can wear all at a time. Sometimes, the lingerie wholesaler offer wholesale lingerie that consists of a pack of similar lingerie. There can also be sets where different items are there, but they are all made of similar material.

It is not always about the individual lingerie wholesaler. Often several lingerie manufacturing companies also offer these wholesale lingerie all the year round. In that case, however, your choice for selection comes down as such companies put less number of items under the category of wholesale lingerie. One reason for offering the wholesale on lingerie is definitely promotion of the lingerie store. A discount on lingerie items, quite naturally, become a craze with women customers and that does loads of promotion for a store still at its infancy. Many a times, it is also seen that the lingerie wholesaler offer such discounts as those lingerie items have been with them for quite a long time. Having said that, it does not mean that the wholesale lingerie will be of poorer quality. Only that the stores want to sell off the old stocks.

Several lingerie wholesaler actually run boutiques and they offer wholesale lingerie as a part of their period of major sales. Whatever the reason be behind such sale, you, as a customer, can profit highly by collecting your favorite lingerie at unbelievably low prices. Just be a little careful and check out whether there is a any defect in the product you are zeroing in on.