When Should You Wear a French Cuff Shirt?

Once privy only to the Royals, French cuff shirts exude an aura of aristocracy, adding flair and sophistication to your outfits. French cuffs are almost always worn with a tuxedo shirt for various types of formal events. To be trendy, some men and women wear French cuff dress shirts with jeans or casual clothes, but they are typically worn with a dressy sport coat, suit or tuxedo. Some also prefer French cuffs because it allows them to express their taste through their choice of cufflinks.

French cuff shirts are distinguished by long cuffs that are folded back and fastened with cufflinks or silk knots.

French Cuff Styles

There are three popular cuff styles. Each makes a different statement.

– Square French Cuffs: For the traditionalist! This is the classic French cuff that you are mostly likely to see on store-bought shirts. The edges of the cuff have a square shape.

– Round French Cuffs: For the gentleman with European flair! What makes this French cuff unique is its rounded corners.

– Angular French Cuffs: For the man with an edge. As the name implies, these cuffs have sharp, angular edges and give you a modern, fashion forward look.

Ten Tips for Looking Great in Your French Cuff Shirts

French cuff shirts can give you a fabulous look. They lend flair, style and class to the individual wearing them. Here are some tips that will help you look great!

1 – French cuffs demand a certain formality. Remember to play dress-up and wear them with your favorite sport coat or suit.

2 – French cuff shirts will make you look and feel like an aristocrat. Choose a great set of cufflinks to finish the look. Make sure they are not cheap-looking, oversized or too small.

3 – Never, ever wear your French cuff shirts without cufflinks! (Unless, you want to appear clueless.) Also, make sure your cuffs are not stained, dirty, wrinkled or puckered.

4 – Experiment with color. Men tend to stick with classic white dress shirts. French cuff shirts in solid colors, plaids, checks and stripes each lend a different look and feel. You will receive compliments on your unique style and flair.

5 – Shirts with a white collar and French cuffs look wonderful, especially with brighter or darker solid colors. Another great look is a check, plaid or stripe that is contrasted with white, like a red and white stripe or a blue and white check. The white cuff contrasts with the shirt and then you can contrast the cuff by choosing a cufflink that is the color of the stripe or plaid.

6 – When dressing for a formal event, step out from the crowd with a trendy black tuxedo shirt with french cuffs instead of classic white.

7 – There are different cufflink designs available to dress up your French cuff shirt. Here, you can express your personality and show off your good taste and your personal sense of style.

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