My wife essentially went crazy during the process of planning our wedding. She would stress out over the smallest things and thought the entire thing would turn out to be a disaster. I tried to convince her to keep the wedding a small affair, but she wanted things to get bigger and bigger. We had some wedding invitations made at, and they were sent out to our friends and family members. I was going to be glad when the wedding was finally over, because my wife and I would be able to truly relax.

The invitations made it out to everyone and we had a full attendance for the wedding. Before the wedding, my wife ripped part of her veil and was starting to panic. She wanted to see me, even thought it was supposed to be bad luck to see the groom before the wedding. She started crying and told me that the wedding would be ruined, but I told her not to worry, and told her to come with me for a little bit. We went on a small boat ride, where the captain was able to marry us, while everyone else was still sitting at the wedding, waiting for us to return.

As soon as we got back, we went through with the ceremony in front of our friends and family, even though we were already married at this point. The boat ride wedding took the edge off of my wife so she could relax and enjoy the day for what it was. After reading the vows and finally getting married at the ceremony, we danced and ate and had a lot of fun. Then it was time to go on our honeymoon trip. We booked tickets in advance to go to Japan for an entire month.

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