When I heard about a magician who was at a cousin’s birthday party, I thought she was going to tell me that he was able to amaze the kids with some cool tricks. When she told me that the party was for her husband and not her daughter and that the magician was able to stump every single adult there, I was impressed. I went to https://nebmagic.com/magician-london/ because she knows I enjoy things like this, and I watched all the videos on his website. He had several showcasing different magic tricks that he does, and I knew that I was going to book him for my own birthday party event coming up.

It was for my husband too, and he likes to watch magicians also. We have not been able to find one in recent years who has been able to impress us much since we have seen so many tricks get repeated, but I had a feeling that this was one that would blow all of our minds. I had not only the word of my cousin since she was witness to an entire show, but I was impressed just by watching the videos on his site too.

I filled out the form on his site, and he got back to me rather quickly. He was booked already for the day I was going to have the party, which was disappointing. He gave me some alternative dates, and I switched the party to one of them instead. That is how much I wanted him to be the entertainer there. I invited my cousin, of course, and she told me afterward that most of the tricks were ones that he did not do at her own party. Everyone was amazed, and my husband and I are just thrilled that we got to have him at our birthday party event!

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