I heard that the 2nd amendment shirts were selling like crazy, so I decided to get one before they were all gone. I was a little too late to get one from the local store, because when I went there, all of the racks where the shirts would have been were entirely bare. They had some 1st amendment shirts there, but no one really wanted those. I had the option of either ordering the shirts online, or driving to a store miles away to find them. I preferred to just buy the shirts in the comfort of my own home, so I went online.

Finding the website to order the shirts was the easy part, but I was left with a bit of a problem. There were so many color choices to choose from that I didn’t know which ones to get. I wanted at least one shirt in my favorite color, which is red, but I wasn’t sure which other ones would look good on me. Black and white are pretty good colors that go with just about everything, so I got one in each of those colors, and one in blue for good measure.

I was hoping that I ordered the shirts in the right size. Sometimes the sizes that are listed don’t exactly match up with what people are expecting in real life. I’ve ordered a shirt that was a medium before, and when I got it, it fit like a small. I had to return the shirt because it was too tight. I’ve also made the same mistake where I ordered something that was actually too big for me. The amendment shirts fit perfectly and I wore one to the local bar, where everyone had something to say about it. I guess it’s quite the conversation starter.

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