If you are headed to the beach this weekend, not to bask in the sun but to play beach volleyball, the first question in your mind must be: What should I wear? An athletic beach swimsuit should mainly do three jobs: covering just enough, staying in place and stand-up to elements like sweat. You do not want to cover your entire body in such scorching heat or even wear a teeny-weeny bikini because of those athletic moves. After playing volleyball, you might as well want to do some surfing and need a sporty swimwear so that you do not have to worry about exposing butt or breast while engaging in fun activities. Top A swimsuit top comparable to sports bra will support your breasts, keep you covered and act non-restrictive. Women should opt for tops with a built-in bra to restrict their breasts from taking a beating as they pounce and jump.

Go for a top that is higher from the front because a low-cut might make you spill out. Bottom A bottom with high-cut is considered very fashionable for athletes to make their legs appear longer. Just make sure that the back of the bottom is full coverage, or else you will end up flashing your butt cheeks to the audience at the beach. Straps Since the bathing suit material has the capability to stretch or shrink after repeated wears, it is advised to opt for adjustable straps. Both, wide straps and racer back look fashionable as well as restrict straps from falling off the shoulders. Fabric Fabric is also one of the important considerations.

Spandex and nylon combined provide a greater durability. For surfing, it is advised to wear boy short bottoms or shorts made of poly microfiber to keep your butt covered. Bikini If you think you have an amazing body, go ahead and wear that teeny-weeny bikini. However, it may not enhance your volleyball abilities but will definitely become an eye candy for the audience. Glue Most contestants use body glue to hold the edges of their sporty swimwear in places. The glue strongly attaches the suit to the body, also available in waterproof. It can be peeled off when a person is done wearing a swimsuit.

However, this glue is not advised for swimming purposes because this liquid latex glue should not get wet. Some glue can also lift up the breasts or buttocks, enhancing the shape of your body. Olympics After the 2012 Olympics, the rules for Volleyball players changed a little bit, keeping in mind players coming from a culture where bikinis are not considered suitable. They are allowed to team up sleeved tops with shorts; no longer are they restricted to wearing skimpy bathing suits. Now you know the techniques athletes use to hold their suits in place.

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