Do you know that string bracelets have recently become the most fashionable jewellery? For several seasons, they have appeared in the collections of renowned designers and have swiftly won the hearts of stars and artists! No wonder – such jewellery has many advantages and is a great way to emphasize your individuality. How to wear string bracelets? Learn a few practical tips for styling with their use!

String bracelets – what are those?

String bracelets are subtle, everyday jewellery. They consist of a decorative cord on which various charms are placed. This type of ornament is a great idea for a stylish decorative element for women of all ages. They will also work well for teenagers and children. Interestingly, men can also wear such ornaments, combining them with a variety of styles. Bracelets of this type can be worn for various occasions, they can also be worn every day. How to wear string bracelets and what is their phenomenon?

String bracelets – why are they worth wearing?

The popularity of string bracelets is not accidental! This type of jewellery is fashionable, comfortable and extremely universal. What’s more, it often allows you to express your ideas and interests. Due to the adjustable size, a string bracelet is also perfect as a gift. String ornaments are usually much cheaper than classic jewellery, so creating your own collection of this type of accessories does not involve a significant expense. How to wear string bracelets and what styles do such accessories fit?

How to wear string bracelets?

Universal string bracelets are a great accessory for both everyday outfit and slightly more elegant suit. They will look good as everyday jewellery for work or school, as well as a pretty ornament combined with a fancy dress, which is perfect for such occasions as family events or weddings. How to wear string bracelets? These types of accessories are available in almost all colors, which allows you to create many interesting compositions. They look equally good in neutral and contrasting shades.

String bracelets – one or several?

How to wear string bracelets so the stylizations matches the current trends? You have full freedom in this matter. String ornaments are worn both individually and in sets. These types of bracelets can be boldly worn in combination with jewellery made of other materials. They also look interesting when combined with a watch or large, interesting rings. Importantly, this ornament is actually universal – it works perfectly for everyone. In recent seasons, compositions consisting of several bracelets, which allow you to create unique combinations of colors and charms, were very popular.


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