I run a toy company and for a the launch of a new robotic toy line, I hired a video production in Singapore to produce a commercial that would show off what the toys could do and how fun they are to use. Toys that kids can control are all the rage these days. They want to be able to make the toys do various things. The robotic toy works by taking instructions from a remote control or from a phone via an app. On the surface, kids can give the toy simple commands, or they can delve into more complicated commands that can control every motor in the toy.

The production company came up with a commercial that showed kids playing with the toys and making them do cool things. The kids were playing with the toys in an organic way, as if they had just gotten the toy from their parents and weren’t aware that they were being filmed. They were pretty clever with the kinds of things that they were making the toys do. They even did some things that our design team weren’t able to think of when they were making the toys.

Once the commercial finally made it to the air waves, it was playing everywhere. Kids liked seeing it on television, not only because of the toys, but because of the catchy music that went along with it. They went out to the stores with their parents and bought the toy in droves. We had higher sales numbers for the toy than we originally expected. Things have been going to well that our design team is already working on a new set of toys in the same line. These toys will be able to do even more than the previous ones in the line.

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