I used to have to go and make many different lists of things that I had to get at the store. Before the internet it was a pain to run out to the store when you needed something, even if it was not right away. Today, you can literally hop on your phone with that huge online store and put in anything that you want, you can get that delivered home to you the next day. You can also go to small companies like https://5titans.com/gaming/best-gaming-keyboards/ and get things delivered to your house and you can also save a lot of money instead of going over to the local place and spending a lot more. The store has to make money or they are not going to sell the product at all. I was hoping that I was going to be able to eventually go to the store for a few things this week but that doesn’t look like it will be happening.

I have two small kids, a husband, two dogs, a full time job and I also have to go to the gym. I do not have time to stop at the store all the time. I actually also have a lot of friends that I try to fit in now and then so I will even order my groceries at different times of the year if I cannot get to the store. My kids are just starting to also get interested in sports and it will be up to me to get them to the practices and the games. I do not always want to stay for the practices and watch but I heard that is what parents are doing today. What happened to letting them off and walking away? I like to drop and run, like my mom.

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